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My Dads Final Words to Me #FathersDay

In childhood, children, Dad, dads, Fathers Day on June 19, 2011 at 5:59 am

By Gunnar Simonsen

“I love you too.” were the last words he said to me. The next time I saw him, he took his last breath.

As the door was opening to the other side for my father, I got what I was looking for. It was like he knew.

It wasn’t that he didn’t love me, because he did. Dad was from a different generation that wasn’t as open with their emotions as we are today. Even still, all my life I longed to hear those words as if a sign of affirmation.

In this, I realize it is one thing to say it, but entirely another to reflect it.

All my life I longed for dads approval. Whether it was in sports, music, or just cracking jokes around the table, I wanted to know I had it. As I look back, I had it all along.

Today, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t tell my daughter I love her. Yet in this, I wonder if she will look back one day and say too… she knew it all along.

But something happened that moment when he spoke those 4 words in a frail voice laying in his bead under hospice care in a nursing home.

As selfish as it sounds on my part, my dad gave me the most important thing he could have given me and that in which I needed the most…

His word.

His word in a moment where every breath counted. In this, it was like at that very moment, saying those 4 words to me was the most important thing in the world for my dad.

My friends, when your children feel like they are the most important thing in the world… lives are changed forever.

2 days later, he had passed on to the other side.

It’s sad sometimes the fight relatives get into after a parent dies. Sadly it becomes a struggle over what is mine and what is theirs.

For me, I need nothing more for words and acts of love conquer all and have the power to send one forth in life with a posture of victory and not that of defeat.

In this, I was blessed to have that moment. Many do not for there are no guarantees in life. With this, all the more reason to not wait another day adding more items to the list of I wish I would have.

If forgiveness is needed, than it should be given.

If apologies are needed, then they should be offered.

There is no greater day than now. There is no greater moment than this. Do what must be needed to be done. May nothing stand in your way for it was also in those four final words that I received something else as equally as important…

A baton.

It’s mine turn now and I hope my daughter knows it along.

Thanks dad, I love you too!!!


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