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“Why the end of the world was on His mind” – By @johnflurry #rapture

In life on May 21, 2011 at 4:57 pm

By John Bergquist (@johnflurry)

Why was Jesus so concerned about the end of the world? I was thinking this as I stood in the locker room of my gym this week. I had Pandora on my U2 channel. I had listened and enjoyed U2’s End of the World from the Achtung Baby but I never had payed my attention to the words. The song is the lamentations of Judas talking about the last days and finally where he is left after the betrayal.

I took the money

I spiked your drink

You miss too much these days if you stop to think

You lead me on with those innocent eyes

You know I love the element of surprise

In the garden I was playing the tart

I kissed your lips and broke your heart

You…you were acting like it was

The end of the world

It is an examination of the heart and the results of greed and selfishness.

Jesus didn’t have the end of the world on his mind for the sensational news it would make one day or zombie attack preparedness. He was thinking about the condition of our hearts. In the lyrics you hear regret and torment, sorrow and confusion. Judas is so far from knowing who he is that he is stuck in “waves of regret, waves of joy”.

We all relate to Judas in some way. We have all sold out and cashed in the gift God has given us for a meaningless sum. There is a sense that Judas was being carried along in pawn like way, making his moves unknowing to the truth that Jesus was talking about the end times. Was his heart so broken that he could not see? I think so.

So where are we? Everyone is talking about the end of the world. Are we examining the gifts he has given the abundant life he offers, or are we counting the loot we have taken instead? Today might not be the end of the world. But I sure am keeping oil in my lamp. Examining my life, asking where I am being carried along like a pawn.


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