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The Privacy of Jesus by @johnflurry

In God's will, hiding, john bergquist, privacy on April 23, 2011 at 6:24 pm

By John Bergquist

As I have reflected on Holy Week one thing that has been apparent to me was the availability of Jesus as He approached the crucifixion. He never hid from what he knew was coming and even though He asked His Father to remove it, He was fully committed to following through on His mission. And in that mission, He never hid.

As a communications specialist I get questioned about privacy issues everyday. Usually it is from someone fearful of something happening to them, a loved one or their personal information. The focus is always on the what if and not the what could be.

The disciples acted similarly compared to Jesus. They were either telling lies as Peter did to cover up his connection to his Lord or barring the doors to the Jews and hiding. I really like the fact that my namesake is historically one of the only men who stayed with Jesus to the end, fully exposed to the Romans and Jews. In contrast to the men in the story the women seemed to be the only ones willing to hang their reputation on everything Jesus said and let the transparency result in what may come.

Jesus put himself out there. He was willing to be available for His critics and eventual murderers. The Children’s Bible I read with with my daughter last night pointed out that Jesus probably went to the Garden of Gethsemane because Judas knew Jesus went there in times of trouble and thus He could lead the soldiers right to Him.

Jesus never hid, never tried to cover up who he was or protect himself from the dangerous world around him. Was He strategic and shrewd? Of course He was. We have to be smart and accomplish what we are meant to. But we can never let fear dominate us.

Something a missionary told Kristine and I once still echoes in my mind and heart every time fear begins to creep in and impact my calling. As a father I naturally turn to the protection and safety of my children.

At the time we contemplated going to either Syria or Saudi Arabia. We expressed our concern though for the safety of our children. His reply was “the safest place for your children is in God’s will”. As I thought about that I realized that my perceived safest place for my family may actually be the most dangerous place for them eternally.

On NPR this week I heard a story about a Christian landlord Ayman Dmitry in post Mubarak Egypt who rented a couple of apartments to two sisters. * He was attacked by accusers who claimed the women were prostitutes. Ayman defended them and was tortured. Even in losing his ear to his attackers Dmitry stated “It’s bearable only because I managed to defy them and stand up for Christ”. His story while shocking, makes our privacy issues seem petty.

So today I put myself out there. I connect with others and share. Will I always be able to do what God asks with fearlessness? No, but like my Lord I want them to know where they can find me. I don’t want to be known as one who denied him and hid.

Click here for the NPR story.

  1. A little ‘perceived’ risk on my part, is the least I can do for the one who gave it all. Awesome brother…

  2. […] several times about privacy, with my Unboxed You post being my favorite right up there with my Privacy of Jesus post on Liquid Cloud 11.  I continually come back to this. I seek out a time where I am online the person you meet […]

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