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Scraps : Recap on Haiti

In Ezra, giving, necessities, value on April 12, 2011 at 8:23 pm

By Ezra Stanton

It has been two weeks since we arrived been back from Haiti and daily I still find myself moved by many of the people we met. One afternoon continues to come back to memory. It is still heart wrenching when i think of the living condition of those we saw that day. We spent the majority of daylight teaching at and building unto a school in one of the near by refugee camps. Though our team did a great job of not allowing their emotions to show, I could tell they were effected by the 25 children that were crammed into the 250 sq foot school house as well as the tent city that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Personally I was deeply moved by the dozens of Haitian children that spent the entire day helping us build an awning that would serve as a place for the locals to escape the hot Haitian sun. Not only did they help us lift a roof, they lifted our spirits. It had been a long week and working in the direct sun really effected us. If it was not for the constant laughing and joking of the locals, we probably would have quite a hour or two earlier, however they were the ones that kept us going.

Toward the end of the day I noticed an interesting thing start to take place. Many of the children began picking up scraps of wood and when they thought no one was looking, would run off with them. 10 minuets latter they were back though this time empty handed.

This patter would continue 2 or 3 times until one of the older children told them to stop. The reason this effected me so much is because these children had so little that a scarp of wood was see as something of great value. The more I reflect back on this day the more I am brought back to the realization that we can help in so many ways.

We might not be able to personally go to a third world country like Haiti but we can help send someone or something to meet the needs. We might not be able to afford giving monthly to an organization but we can give what we have. Even if it is just one time (though my hope is that we make it a lifestyle) we can give something.

When we look at it through the lens of children stealing scraps of wood because they are of value, we realize that every dollar makes a difference.


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