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My New Neighbor

In Angela, Creator, loved on April 12, 2011 at 8:34 pm

By Angela Snow

For nearly a week, I had the opportunity to witness a most fascinating construction project.  My couch served as a front row seat affording me a view with little inconvenience and a constant stream of updates.  The site?  My porch.  The builder?  Mrs. Robin.

Yes, I’ve been watching a robin build her nest.  On one particular morning after opening my living room curtains, I welcomed the site of a robin hopping along the giant, white beam of my back porch.  She flew away for a time and then returned, repeating the process for the entire duration of my morning pot of coffee.

After several days, I noticed that my porch beam was decorated with a fine layer of grass and leaves.  One morning I watched Mrs. Robin appear with several twigs.  To my amusement, she secured them in a pile through a method of meticulous hopping.  I marveled over her tedious task of building.  Materials were repeatedly scattered on the deck below requiring a swift recovery to their building site above.  Daily, I watched the unsightly pile of greenish-brown grow, and although it resembled nothing short of a mess, I marveled at her diligence.

Away from my home on Friday evening, a stomach virus hit me without warning.  Thrust into a state of misery, I became a slave to the restroom in the home where I was staying.  After a dreadful 24-hours, I was finally able to return to my home.  Shuffling through the front door of my cottage, I collapsed on my couch and faded into oblivion.  When I awoke several hours later, a ray of sunlight was streaming through my living room window.  When I turned my head to look outside, my eyes met the sight of a most incredible bird’s nest.

Mrs. Robin sat proudly on top of her creation, and as I watched her, I felt she too was watching me.  Was it imagined because of being sick, or did I see a gleam in her eyes?  Regardless, I was grateful for her company amidst my forced state of rest.  I found myself once again mesmerized by this bird of the air that neither sows nor reaps, nor stores away in a barn and yet is cared for by my Heavenly Father.  Closing my eyes again, a smile spread across my face as I became aware of the fact that even in my state of weakness, I was loved by the One who created this precious creature.


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