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There vs Here: Don’t Stop at Thanks.

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By Gunnar Simonsen

Sitting in a crowded coffee shop as laughter, conversations, and the sounds of espresso machines fill the air. It is a beautiful spring day as I stare out the window and watch the local kids play soccer.

This is the life.

Sitting at my laptop, I place my headphones on and proceed to press play on the youtube video before me. And then, it struck me. The video was footage shot from a local on the streets of Libya amidst the current crisis. Gunfire and explosions now fill my head. And yet, as I look up and look around, the kids are still playing soccer and the people here at the coffee shop continue to laugh and talk about life.

Caught in the crossfire of busyness, life, and the relative comfort of peace, those around me here as I sit… are simply regular people.

Thank God I or them are not caught in the crossfire that now engulfs my laptop screen with sounds of horror, chaos, and desperation.

Caught in the crossfire of real live bullets, food shortages, and chaos, they too are simply regular people.

Yet while I thank God for my life away from “that” life, why do I always stop there? When will my thankfulness turn into a greater awareness that these people who suffer this plight… are people too.

When will I turn from thanking God for my life to asking God to protect these people and lead them to safety for their life?

We really do have no idea. Lest we take a trip back to our nations humble beginnings amidst strife, hunger, and revolution.

And all for what? Freedom?


As I sit here, I feel convicted. What have I done with this freedom I have been given, at no choice of mine? Have I not wasted it by enjoying all the comforts it bestows on me to the point of overindulgence without care to those suffering all around me?

Is not the whole of the human race a part of the human race? Or is it simply left to only “this” part of the human race being apart from the human race?

There is a poster in my house with this quote from Bono on it, “Where you live should no longer determine whether you live.”

You know what? It’s true and as I sit here watching this soccer game, because I can without fear of attack and while I eat a bagel which is so readily available to me, it dawns on me…

When the “two” are in the field working and one will be taken while the other is left behind… I want to be the one “working.”

Not because I have to, but because I am compelled to.

For I have seen, and now I am responsible.

“From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.”

Caught in the crossfire of busyness, life, and the relative comfort of peace, where you live should no longer determine whether you care.

This is the life. How will we spend it?


Click to Purchase Download

The situation in Libya is becoming increasingly unstable as the conflict rages on. Forgotten in the headlines and political rhetoric are the thousands of people who are innocent victims of the war. The Humanitarian International Services Group is committed to serving the needs of these people who are caught in a terrifying crossfire.

HISG has an opportunity to purchase 30 metric tons (66,000 lbs) of flour in Egypt and transport the flour over the border into Libya to supply local bakeries. By empowering the local bakers instead of simply handing out loaves of bread, HISG is allowing the local businesses to lead the way in a very turbulent time. Also, producing the bread locally bread will rebuild the citizens’ confidence in their community, in addition to alleviating a looming food shortage.

This is short term solution that is sustainable for the long-term recovery of the nation.

Estimated cost: $30k (US)

HISG is about connecting resources to needs.

All proceeds from the downloads of this album will go directly to HISG and their work in Libya.

HISG does this work on less than 10% admin costs.

For more info on HISG, please visit their website at: www.HISG.org as well as to receive updates on the progress of this campaign.


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