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NGO Spotlight: Libya

In #Feb17, aid, humanitarian, Libya, refugees on March 30, 2011 at 3:59 pm

Humanitarian International Services Group

By Kyle Adams

BENGHAZI, LIBYA- As opposing forces fight for territory in Libya, HISG completes a humanitarian mission to bring medical and food supplies to citizens trapped in the conflict in this tumultuous North African Nation.

In mid-March, one of our partner organizations in Egypt contacted HISG about delivering aid to Libya and to migrant workers and refugees on the border. We quickly pulled together financial support for a shipment of 30 metric tons of food, along with a delivery van full of medications for a hospital in Benghazi. Both of these shipments have been delivered and distributed through our partnership with local organizations in Libya.

One week later, HISG founder and Catalyst Kay Hiramine flew to Cairo and drove 18 hours to Benghazi to deliver another round of medicine. This second shipment was given to the new Provisional National Council’s Director of Crisis Management, and to a high-ranking official with the Ministry of Health.

Simultaneously, another HISG team was delivering medication to refugee communities along the Tunisia-Libya border and assessing the living conditions. The majority of these camps are merely transitional camps, and conditions are relatively stable.

The Libyan people were very grateful for the shipment, and to have the support of an international relief organization. The spokesman for the Provisional National Council even met personally with the HISG staff to say thank you for the humanitarian assistance.

We are now preparing for more emergency food shipments. An additional 30 metric tons of flour will be purchased and distributed to bakeries throughout Benghazi to alleviate the food shortage. Please consider supporting this effort. You can click here to give through HISG to assist the thousands of regular citizens caught in a dangerous crossfire. Also, follow HISG on Twitter (@HISG_News) for updates on this and other HISG projects.


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