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From Haiti : Update 002/003

In life on March 25, 2011 at 10:58 pm

Haiti Sunset


By Ezra Stanton (Liquid Cloud Eleven contributor) and the Haiti Team

Day 2


After a cool night (an unexpected surprise) we started our morning with church. We were expecting a large crowd and a three hour service. Due to the elections today, church was much smaller and shorter. The service was in Creole, but Rosinel spoke some of his sermon in English for us visitors to follow. He taught from Leviticus and Hebrews. Our team couldn’t help but notice the spirit of gratitude filling the tent as we worshipped.

After church we met with Debbie to discuss the possible opportunities to teach at the church school and the neighboring school for the refugee camps. Megan and I went to look at supplies and think about lessons, while others added doors and other improvements to our dorm.

We arrived back just in time for youth group, a group of college aged Haitians that meet on Sunday evenings to pray, worship and have fun. We played games and learned Creole songs. We also discussed some of the differences between the U.S. and Haiti. Most of the Haitians we met speak some English, or someone will translate for our conversation. The Haitians thought the idea of fast food was funny. We talked about how we treat our pets in the U.S. and Emanuel (one of the Haitians) joked that some dogs in the U.S. are treated better than most Haitians. They also liked to know what we thought was different, like walking cows down the road. The boys at the youth group were funny and entertaining, we laughed a lot.

We ended the night playing games with the youth group. A group played soccer, and others played foursquare and threw a football. It was so fun to play and get to know the people around us. Emanuel is teaching me a few Creole phrases that I tried to practice while waiting in the foursquare line. The weather has been so enjoyable, not too hot. We watched the beautiful sunset in the warm breeze before we were forced to give up our games and go eat dinner. It reminded me of being a kid who doesn’t want to go home after a day of playing in the summer, but is forced to by the vanishing sun.


I woke up very early today, like 6 o’clock when we didn’t have church until 8:30 a.m. but still felt great about it.  Usually I can’t get up until about noon, and even then I’m still tired.  Church was awesome despite the language barrier and I can’t get over how passionate the Haitian’s love for God is.  I must of heard ‘merci Jesus’ about 100 times from the pastor alone.

After church we hung out with some of the kids and drew on the chalkboard, arm-wrestled and took pictures together.  Egbad, Steve, and Tisti were some of the little guys we hung out with.  Even they were full of so much joy and happiness.

After lunch I spent my time with Chris finishing up the kitchen cabinet.  Success. Jake and I also got to walk over to “the house” to try and get lemon and vinegar for Ebenees to cook the chicken, but they didn’t have any.  Fail.  Guess you can’t win them all.

The youth group service was a lot of fun, getting to hear songs (including a solo in English a cappella style) and sharing our cultures with each other.  After the group was over was my favorite part though.  I met Newton and got to play soccer in the gravel with some of the Haitian kids.  There were girls (one in a skirt) and all the guys were bare-foot and they still owned us.  When we were done, Newton asked me if I liked country music and I said yes.  He told me he loved Shania Twain and I thought that was hilarious but sweet all at the same time.

Throughout the day and especially during the church service I realized how thankful the Haitian’s are of Jesus, despite their current life situations.  I, like many others, could afford to learn to be way more appreciative of Jesus.

Merci Jesus….

“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Chris Jesus” — Thessalonians 4:13

Day 3

Ezra: Serve

Today was a good day. We made the decision early on to stay on base today in case there were any issues that arose from yesterday’s elections. Therefore today was going to be a work day. Chris and I met with Mark (one of the leaders here) before breakfast to cover the things we would be attempting to accomplish. As we reviewed the list, I caught myself doubting our ability to do all that lay a head of us for the day. Don’t get me wrong, we have a hard working team, I just didn’t think that we would be able to accomplish all that was set before us. Not that I am a Debbie Downer, or do not believe in our team, there was just far to much for 16 people to accomplish in 1 day.

And I was correct. Sort of. We didn’t complete our to do list. We did more!

In one day, our team organized tens of thousands of seed packs, made an entire walkway out of pavers (with such precision, I am trying to think of a way we can launch a tile business), organized 16 duffle bags worth of supplies and materials that we brought for the base camp, installed a door, brought lighting and more outlets into our kitchen, put together all of the lesson plans for the teaching english for the week (including crafts projects that were so incredible our very own children’s ministry department would be proud) organized 40 gift and 40 hygiene packs for the girls orphanage, framed and screened windows, varnished the bathrooms, created garden boxes for a local school, built a storage unit and taught some of the locals more english.

I am tired just typing the list of things our team did today. It was an amazing day and it was just Monday. Who know’s what else we might accomplish this week?


I’ll be honest…the Lord and I had to talk quite a bit about this trip.  I knew He wanted me to go, I never questioned that.  But our conversations really surrounded me seeking strength from Him to be okay with going.  Thursday night before we left, Friday morning on my way to the airport, I was in constant conversation with God.  “Okay, Lord…I don’t feel ready but I don’t have to…right?”

It’s now Monday.  I never doubted it, but boy, was the Lord right.  I didn’t have to be ready.  He had already fully prepared me and I just needed to be patient (that’s one of the fruits I need the most work on).  Three days after we’ve arrived and I couldn’t imagine not have coming.  The people that I’m here with were perfectly crafted by the Lord to serve together.  Being here just feels like it was meant to be.  That doesn’t surprise me though.  If God designed my heart for this, then of course it’s going to feel like it was meant to be.

  1. Guys this is fantastic. I love hearing about the good works and the blessing you are to the people, as well as they are to you! Praying for you!

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