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Destination : Surrender

In cross, Easter, grace, remember, surrender on March 16, 2011 at 3:56 pm

By Liz Dugger

Listen to  *“I Surrender
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At the end of night, light peered past the dark curtains & He showed me. I saw, clearly, down the road – 5, 10, 15 years if I’d be so lucky. I was mortified at what I could become.

I felt His invisible nudge push me down past the anger I’d towed. Pushed me to the ground of my fear-filled rebellion where I’d tried, like a spiritual con artist, to outrun, outwit, out-hide Him.


He found me at the end of night to prove – by His Presence alone – that it was time to give up the fight. Listen to His side of the story.Surrender

Surrender surprised me. I thought the fight would intensify if I appeared weak. I was wrong.

I became settled, as if reaching a destination. It felt like being lowered safely from a high, wobbly place, to solid ground. I found an open space, inside, that felt like home. I could rest.

But I didn’t stay content at this destination forever.

Looking back, I see a number of places marked “Surrender.” A pattern of traveling to and from this destination. If I traced my steps like mapquest and added a time line, I’d see the distance between “surrenders” has grown shorter, time spent there is lasting longer, with less wandering in between.

Giving up control doesn’t come naturally to any human. No matter how amiable I try to appear on the outside, the propensity toward pride makes it difficult to stay in a humble destination like Surrender.

I’m ready to look again at the things that keep me from staying there. Throw off attitudes, bad habits, misinterpreted dreams, that clutter me up and push me outside the boundaries of my destination. (Hebrews 12:1-2)

I’m looking to Easter – * “the cross of love and grace,” –  and moving closer to the center of surrender. Near His presence. Ready to listen closely to His side of the story.

* I Surrender

(Recording performance: Chad Krober & Doug Heck, vocals; Aaron Doerr, piano)


Laying down my life for you, I come

Here’s my life I gladly lay it down

Every vision I have seen

Every thought I’ve held inside

All my hopes

All my dreams

I ___ Surrender


I _____  Surrender

I _____ I will remember

The cross of Love and Grace

That brings me to this place

Where I ____ Surrender

(Repeat and End)


  1. Great post, Liz!! Thank you for sharing!!

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