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A Holiday from Noise

In clutter, culture, holiday, life, noise on March 14, 2011 at 5:14 pm

By Gunnar Simonsen

Easter requires preparation. I have to get my mind reset. My heart. I have to declare a holiday from things in my life that clutter up my path.” – Lori Lenz

I really like that quote a lot. It challenges me.

After spending a few days reading all the comments and threads of what people are giving up for lent, I wonder what the behind story is that would make people choose the things they choose.

I wonder what lasting impact it will make on their life long after lent is over. I wonder what they will do with this new found void that has come into their life.

For me, I would really like to fully understand what Lori says in that statement not just in meaning, but also through living.

To declare a holiday from the things in life that clutter up our path is to first understand that which clutters up our life.

To be honest, I believe what we need is more days without noise in our lives.
But, for some reason, we have all become way too addicted to the noise. We need it. We crave it.

In this, I cannot think of anything more at the core of our clutter than that of all the things we seem wired to in this day and age.

I type this because I am just exhausted from all the noise. I type this because I too… need a holiday.

My fault in life is that I go in rapid spurts. I get busy and I take off. I get exhausted and I lay down. Everything in between needs to fend for itself. The in-between moments simply become a blur.

Sure, it looks like I am busy, active, and engaged… but, a lot of times, I am just exhausted trying to keep up.

And why not?

I need to lose my remote control. I need to put away my laptop, iPod, and phone. I need to not worry about my Twitter rank or Facebook status updates. I need to get out of my car and maybe walk instead. I need to spend this holiday without jamming as much noise into my life as possible.

Life is too much like an all you can take noise bar and the result is that we generally take more than we need.

I need to spend some time regaining my perspective. I need to spend some time listening.

I need to take a holiday from all the noise.

A holiday without noise to me is a time to regain my perspective of that which I face in life… of that which truly matters in life.

A holiday with noise to me is a time where perspective is something that is rushed and meaningless busyness, poor decisions, and missed opportunities are the result.

A holiday from noise is a time I need in my life… a time that I crave in my life.

Do you need this holiday, too?

What will you do on your holiday without noise?

Be it a day, week, or season… we all need it.

In this, perhaps collectively, we can return much needed perspective to our world and in doing so, a whole more to ours.

Otherwise, chances are that the path will remain cluttered and in this, we too shall remain… right where we started.

  1. Oh Gunnar, sounds like a reFresh retreat day might do you some good! Thanks for your thoughts – I think you reiterated great questions and real angsts of many of us. So yes, here is to an unhurried and less noisy Lent. Blessings on your journey!

    • And that is what I plan to do. I am working out details right now for one really soon. Blessings to you as well and thank you so much for dropping by the blog!! Hope you are well!

  2. I guess it boils down to in the end, you have to pay attention to who you allow to rent space in your head. Great Post!

    • very well said…. too often, we rent that space to anybody. Meanwhile they trash the place. Perspective. Thanks for coming by the blog and taking a read. I really appreciate it!

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