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Tommy, Chuckie, and the 9-5 Commute

In college, dream, life on February 28, 2011 at 4:47 pm

By Matt Fier

When you live in Southern California, often times you forget what fresh air and cool breezes feel like…smell like…even taste like.

As I envied my friends who were celebrating a surprise snowstorm in Portland, I myself took a walk through a local park. Here in La Mirada, parks have a mystique about them at nighttime. Typically there are certain patches that give an eerie shiver to your soul, because they get serenely quiet and the temperature can mysteriously drop 10 degrees at any given time. I suppose that’s the effect of a dessert-like climate here in the Southwest corner of the country.

As I walked back to Beatrice (my Honda), the breeze hit my nose at the right time – Mumford was playing softly from my phone, I had finally gotten a few minutes to myself, and the temperature hit Oregon summer cool – and with it, came the distinct smell of summer camp.

I remember those lonely days (I hated being away from home when I was young) and even lonelier nights because I would sneak out and walk alone through the forests. Little did I know this would become a healthy habit at the age of 20, as a time to think and process my life.

Life was seemingly easier back then…as it should be…and often times I wish I could race back to the days of my childhood where laying in the grass and arguing about which Rugrat character was the best dominated my time.

Yet, time has a way of not slowing down, and I’m not one to dwell in the past but look excitedly towards the future. When did we grow up?

Tomorrow I will put on a tie and get into my car, and join the millions of people who drive in Los Angeles on Friday mornings. I will sit in an office, overlooking Santa Monica Blvd., and I will stare into the computer screens and on sheets of paper, memorizing company facts and bios for the groups I will soon help represent at Amy Levy Public Relations.

I’ll get my half hour lunch break, and I’ll join the rush home on the 405 Southbound Freeway. Is this my dream? No, but it’s a start towards fulfilling the passions that are put on my heart.

I don’t remember when it happened exactly, but coffee started tasting good, lunch breaks became a once a day event, and the water cooler conversation became part of my vocabulary.

Somewhere along those same days, 10pm no longer seemed late, waking up early got much harder, and I lost the beloved breakfasts my mom cooked, and the car rides with dad to school.

Yes, growing up is hard.

But sometimes you can slow down, and just as the traffic will surely slow (hopefully not to a stop), life can as well. I will probably take a detour to The One for a little, watching the sunset along the Pacific Ocean, say a little prayer, take off the tie, and go back to those days when Rush Hour was just a movie.

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  1. Great post Matt!! Thank you for sharing your thought with the community!!

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