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Moving Day

In closure, family, friends, life on February 28, 2011 at 4:43 pm

By Angela Snow

After a week of organizing, packing and moving, my home is now filled with remnants of the business that I loved and labored at for nearly four years.

Sitting in my living room, I’m surrounded by photos that once lined the walls of my cafe.  Two brown, ceramic coffee mugs, separated from their lot during the shuffle of the move, are now on display in my kitchen.  I can’t help but smile when I think of the hundreds of beverages they held over the years.

Leftover paper cups are overflowing from my cupboards and as one who loves spoonfuls of peanut butter, there’s a bulk container on the second shelf that tempts me daily!  Two oversized leather chairs sit out of sorts in my bedroom, but they serve as wonderful reminders of the children who once sat in them, bouncing and spilling their cookie crumbs accordingly.

Even my upstairs bathroom has become an additional storage space, packed full of random glassware and enough toilet paper to last me a lifetime.

In a single day, my already cozy home became even cozier and after a successful move, my beloved business was reduced to a memory.  I wonder about the tenant who will occupy the space next.  When they look at the floor, will they see my brothers digging a trench to install plumbing for the espresso machine?  When they look at the exposed ceiling, will they see my dad standing on a ladder removing the old tiles?  To be sure, these stories are mine alone to keep, but I know that the next business owner will be acquiring a space that was established with a great deal of love and care.

As my moving team of friends began to arrive last Saturday morning, it was evident that God had been faithful throughout the years.  At the end of the day, I sat in my home marveling at the closing of a chapter.  It wasn’t sorrow that filled my thoughts, but rather gratitude for the people the Lord had brought into my life through this journey.  The family who had helped me open my business had multiplied; joined throughout the years by an even larger family of friends.

On Monday morning, I will turn in my key and bid farewell to a space that now sits cold, dark and empty.  The heartbeat is gone and it no longer feels like home.  For this, I am grateful.  Life and beauty were never found in the building itself, they were seen through the Lord’s gift of Community- the precious loved ones still standing by my side.

  1. Great post, Ange!! Thank you for sharing your journey to the community!!

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