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The Season of Celebrity

In C.S. Lewis, celebrity, Emmy Award, glamorous, life, Oscars on February 25, 2011 at 5:54 pm

By John Bergquist

In this celebrity season (Oscars and Grammy’s) it is good to remember what lies deeper than the dresses, makeup and tuxes.

In The Weight of Glory, CS Lewis wrote about our roles as the image bearers of God.  He explains that we are eternal beings.  If we could see past exterior appearances to the condition of the human heart, we would either be terrified or tempted to worship .

When I was in college, I used to take a significant amount of time to just watch people from the windows of OSU’s Student Lounge in the Memorial Union on campus.

At the time I was working my way through Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline, a book I still count as probably the most important spiritual formation works ever written. Foster writes about an active form of prayer in which we try to pray for anyone we see. I would sit there in one of the overstuffed chairs and watch several people walk between buildings.

I remember seeing a woman with Downs Syndrome walking across the street every afternoon.

As people hurried past to get to their classes or meetings, this woman would take her time, pausing to look at the sky or a bird that looked for food on the sidewalk. As I followed her journey from my perch, I felt as though I could see into her heart. It was full of color and emotion, void of the clutter of busyness and urgency. She was godly in her observance of time and nature beyond that of any person I had ever witnessed.

She bore the image of the eternal, and it was more glamorous than any celebrity.

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