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The Love Queen Challenge

In life on February 14, 2011 at 5:34 pm

By Angela Snow

It was a kindhearted, Mrs. Muller who gave me the nickname, “Love Queen”.  Admittedly, my romantic tendencies can be traced as far back as first grade where I took every opportunity to adorn my assignments with hearts and devoted my free writing time to Prince Charming rescuing his princess.  I was oblivious to the world’s view of love and innocently convinced that little notes containing hearts could brighten anyone’s day.

I’ll never forget my first encounter with Valentine’s Day.  My teacher announced that a party would replace afternoon classes on February 14th, complete with games and cupcakes!  I listened carefully as my teacher guided us through the art of Valentine giving and I could hardly contain my enthusiasm as I placed my official list of classmate’s names into my backpack.  I skipped home that day, enamored by the realization that a holiday existed to unite hearts and candy with little acts of kindness.

I never viewed February 14th as a marketing tactic, but a day devoted to bringing a smile to the faces of those I loved.  When I moved to a new school where Valentine’s Day wasn’t celebrated, I made it my mission to convince the school’s principal that eating pink cupcakes and heart-shaped cookies should warrant missing a period of science class.  After much petition and planning, I hosted the school’s first-ever Valentine’s Day party upstairs in the art room.

In my teenage years, my parents created the tradition of a Valentine’s Day date with my dad.  For several consecutive years, my mom picked me up from school on February 14th, drove me to my dad’s office, and off I would race with my dad to Spaghetti Factory for fettuccine alfredo and Shirley temples!  Beyond this delightful father-daughter adventure, I am grateful to my parents for introducing me to high dating standards at an early age.

While February 14th no longer greets me with my mom’s heart-shaped pancakes and the expectation of a date with my dad, I refuse to replace my memories with the popular belief that Valentine’s Day should be avoided altogether.  Perhaps there is truth behind the popular view that V-Day presents a marketing tactic that ensnares most of the dating population by encouraging a frivolous use of financial resources to meet unrealistic romantic expectations………but If I take on this view, I miss out on wonderful opportunities to use this day to bless others.

Yes, Valentine’s Day reflects our experiences whether unbearably bitter or innocently sweet, but gimmicks aside, it wouldn’t hurt to remind those we love that we do in fact love them.  I’m not promoting a big financial hurrah, but I know that mothers adore handwritten notes, friends love phone calls and most everyone enjoys my personal favorite, chocolate.


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