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Sex and SuperBowls

In advertising, culture, entertainment, Football, Football game, influences, kids, life, media, parenting, sex, society, son, TV, youth on February 7, 2011 at 9:32 pm

By Raeleen Sewell

Ah, the Superbowl.

The friends who gather. The food that fills. The fun that is had. The excitement that is heard…

and the commercials that sell.

Yes, the commercials. In my humble opinion, most of the gaiety of this event revolves around the commercials.

This year’s line-up included Ozzy, Kenny, Justin, Steven, M&M… Kim Kardashian.

Oh my, did it ever include Kim Kardashian.

With teen boys in the room, this one called for a tv shutdown.  But it was too late.  The damage was done.

Hearts were pounding.  Minds were racing.  And sex was selling.

How can a parent remedy this?

Many conversations will follow about purity.  Of mind.  Of eyes.  Of body.

But the images are there and Youtube is free.

This comment was the first I saw…

My 8 year old son just told me he was gonna marry her when he saw this ad. My work as a father is complete:)

How sad to think that a dad would feel this way.  What about integrity?  Honor?  Valor?  Purity?

The mind can be a dark place.  Hidden from sight and sound, no one need know what goes on there.  It’s a place all its own.  With secrets to keep.  And fantasies to hold.

As a parent, I am accountable.  To teach, to lead, to love.  If I don’t who will?  The advertisers?

As for the Superbowl commercials?  They will always be there.  There is sex to be had, and shoes to be sold… and young minds to be filled.


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