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Trench Buddy

In community, encouragement, hopelessness, potential, spirituality, together, women on February 4, 2011 at 5:24 am

It was the final day of August and I was extremely discouraged. Why, with the sun shining brightly and a calendar packed full of summer activities, did I feel so hopeless?

I vividly remember my drive to work that morning. I was frustrated, but I couldn’t place my frustration. My hand held the steering wheel, but I felt like someone else was navigating my car down the freeway. My mind was neither racing nor at peace and I felt a heaviness upon my heart.

I wanted to pray, but all spiritual fervor had gone missing and all I could manage was a pathetic, “Help”.

An hour later, girlfriends from church arrived to host their bible study at the café where I was working. I had known about their visit in advance, but had anticipated serving other customers during the duration of their stay. As it turned out, the business day was extremely slow, and I found myself surrounded by eight uniquely different and beautiful women.

It was within this unexpected moment that the hardness around my heart was penetrated by the simple question, “What is keeping you from living to the fullest of your potential?”

I didn’t answer. Instead, I listened as several other women poured out their hearts.  Their honesty was shocking.  Their trust in this group of women amazed me.  I watched, I listened, I was ready to rise from my seat and get back to work when suddenly I was called upon, “What about you, Angela?”  Funny how content I was just to sit and be a sponge! It was my turn.

What EXACTLY was holding me back from living to the fullest of my potential? After a long pause, I found myself sharing one of my deepest struggles, something I had battled for over a decade but had chosen not to share with many of my closest friends. Sharing my burden became an “aha moment” of healing for me, but it was a conversation afterwards that took my breath away and changed, perhaps the entire course of my next season.

Amidst goodbyes and girl chatter following our study, I pulled aside a newer friend of mine and asked her to listen. There was more on my heart than I’d been able to share with our larger group setting and I felt sure that she was someone I could trust.

In an instant, we were seated back down and I was pouring out my heart. Undoubtedly, I delivered a long and emotional saga, but my friend listened intently and without agenda. At the end of it all, she looked me in the eyes and said, “Do you want a trench buddy?” I was baffled by her offer.

What in the world did she mean?

“Well,” she said, “it sounds to me like you’re sitting in a trench.  Maybe you want to stay there. Fine with me, I’ll sit with you”. “On the other hand,” she went on to say, “if you want to get out, I’ll help pull you out!” In short, she was offering to keep me accountable, something invaluable for the change I was seeking.  “Seriously”, she concluded, “if you want someone to join you in your trench, I’m there. Do you want a trench buddy?”

In truth, I didn’t expect this answer to my weak, whispered cry for help but I was amazed as the wisdom of God’s provision………He didn’t remove my obstacles, but instead, sent me a beautiful trench buddy and friend to help me overcome them.

By Angela Snow

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  2. Such a great entry!! Good job, Ange!!

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