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Haiti Moment : Smile

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What is it about children? I am well aware that my love for kids has grown dramatically in the past several months since brining our baby girl home from the hospital but most people would agree that there is something so spectacular about children.

Today we got to spend several hours with some of the children from a near by refugee camp. I cant even begin to describe to you how phenomenal these kids are. Their homes are now reduced to ruble since the earthquake hit but after spending most of the past 9 months in tents (and when I say tents I rally mean tarps) they were forced to move back to the homes they left because the recent hurricane flooded the tent cities.

Not only are the homeless, but many of the children were wearing the same clothes (if any) they had on when we first met them two days ago and few had shoes. Yet despite these subhuman conditions, these children never stopped smiling. They have more joy than any other people group or demographic I have ever seen.

Today we spent time moving gravel (only flooring for the lean to our missionaries created) and both times the children would literally take our shovels, wheelbarrows and rakes and start working. Though we couldn’t speak the same language and communication was rough, the experience was out second to none. Not only do they want to rebuild, they want to do it together, and in typical childlike fashion, they want to have fun.

This fit perfectly with our team. All afternoon we swung kids in circles, gave them water from our camel packs, taught them worship songs and how to c-walk (not my idea and how does c-walking go hand in hand with worship anyways?) and threw enough fist bumps to make a fraternity proud. All in all we set a new record on the amount of fun you can have doing manual labor.

There is something about these children that somehow breaks your heart and yet makes you smile from ear to ear in the same moment. Today, would you pray for the children of Haiti? Pray that we (the thousands serving this great nation) can help improve the quality of life and that these children will find the love of Christ. Also pray that we could become more like them, and never stop smiling.

By @ezrastanton

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