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Enter—-the Year of the Rabbit

In life, New Year's, year of the rabbit on February 3, 2011 at 8:30 pm

Happy New Year!

So today begins the Year of the Rabbit.

For all you hipsters, it’s not just a band anymore.

Apparently to prepare for this day I was supposed to clean my house and pay off all my my debts – that didn’t happen.

I work from home so my daily schedule is sort of all over the place.  And today I’m glad, as I just found out that on New Years day you are not supposed to a) wash your hair or b) use a knife.

Whew.  Its 3pm and I haven’t done either.  Apparently washing your hair can wash away good luck.  And using a knife can cut your fortune for the year.   You are also not supposed to drop chop sticks.  I’m pretty sure that’s a safe bet for me.

This is all new to me.  What else have I missed?  What do I need to know to make my year of the Rabbit, the, eer, best rabbit year it can be?   And really, I love things like this.  Anytime I can be reminded of new beginnings, I’m in.   To know I have a blank slate, that life is mine for the taking just inspires and encourages me to dream a little bigger, to think a little more creatively and to really be inspired to take on something new.

So Happy Year of the Rabbit to you all.

By @lorilenz


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