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I was a victim of sex trafficking

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Jessica Richardson

I was a victim of sex trafficking. I was a slave. I was beaten, broken, and abused, but today I am free. I am free from pain, bitterness, guilt, and shame. Now it is time to expose the bondage that is the sex industry in the United States.

I was born to loving parents that wanted nothing more that to give me the world. I was loved, wanted, cared for, and nurtured. Without my parents knowledge, I was repeatedly raped and sexually molested by three teenage boys who lived next door, when I was four and five years old. My parents never suspected anything, being told if anyone found out I would be killed. No one found out.

We moved away from those neighbors, never to see them again. But the damage was done and I thought sex was a normal activity at age five.

When I was ten years old my dad was murdered; shot in the chest by a ‘friend’. More confusion, loss, and depression. My mom was caregiver to a sweet, elderly uncle who was living with us at the time. He also died four months after we lost my dad.

I became wild and rebellious on the inside yet on the surface maintained a ‘normal’ image. By the time I was thirteen I started having casual sex on a regular basis, often with people I didn’t even know. It was also at age thirteen I had my first pregnancy and miscarriage.

Also, at age thirteen my grandmother was tragically hit by a car and killed. Besides my mom, my grandmother was my closest relative. I was an ‘A’ student and a junior varsity cheerleader, polite and pretty. Frustrated and angry at the world, I decided I would live life on my own terms.

I dropped out of high school in the tenth grade with a 3.8 GPA. From there my life spiraled toward hell. I used drugs and alcohol to cope with my own pain and madness: marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and many others. Surviving in Portland, Oregon, I was stealing to get money and used sex to get food, shelter, or anything else I wanted.

At age seventeen I met a forty-three-year-old man that was extraordinarily charming and told me I was worth more and should not just give sex away. He was a seasoned pimp who helped me create false identities so I was able to elude police and private investigators.

Beaten, abused, enslaved, and empty, my pimp had me working the west coast circuit: Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and British Columbia.  After months of planning, I fled for my life escaping from my pimp but continued to do the only thing I knew to make money.

I worked in various forms of the sex industry including working the streets, hotels, escort services, massage services, and posing for internet porn until I found myself pregnant at age twenty.

Knowing that I had to make a decision and still with nowhere to turn, I simply walked away. Leaving everything behind.

Broken and trying to discover a new life everything was difficult and my pain was so deep.

I did not have an amazing day that healed the past, there was no magic potion. It was learning to have safe relationships, being open and allowing myself to deal with the pain and abuse. The road has been long but the freedom is sweet.

I married an amazing man in March 2004. Reid has shown me a love and compassion that I did not know existed. Together we have walked a long hard road of healing and learning to trust, when I did not think that trusting a man was possible.

Ten years later, the residue is still there but because of my Creator I am free!  I am free of hurt, bitterness, guilt, shame, brokenness, and the bondage of my past.

By Jessica Richardson

* Jessica, thank you for sharing your story with us at Liquid Cloud Eleven

To read the rest of her story, please visit her blog by clicking here.

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