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The Welcome Concerto

In food, foodies, gardening, grandparents, hospitality, influences, life on February 1, 2011 at 2:32 am

I live in a red barn converted cottage.

Nestled against a hillside in the country, my home is surrounded by massive trees and overgrown shrubbery, a testimony to the fact that seasons have changed and my aversion of gardening has not.

I grew up as a regular visitor in this home, spending long afternoons with my beloved grandparents who were the tenants at the time.

Ten years ago, when my grandfather served in his self-appointed role as “Chief Gardener”, this “barn” as he often called it, boasted some of the finest gardens one could behold.

My grandmother was ever the elegant hostess, producing inside the “cottage” as she liked to call it, a delightful counterpart to my grandfather’s outdoor masterpiece. With seemingly no effort, she could transform the antique pine table into a spread fit for royalty, placing platters of delicious fare amidst elegant place settings, candles and flowers.

Throughout the years, I watched my grandmother master the art of entertaining, performing her role to the hilt.

Within these moments, my grandfather was the supporting actor, but the mischievous grin in his eyes told everyone that he prided himself in this.  He would tease my grandmother to no end, provoking her patience as she twirled about the kitchen in a well-choreographed scene of pots and pans.  At least thirty minutes prior to the meal, my grandmother would shout into the living room, “Leonard, music!”  Alas, my grandfather’s time had arrived!

Without hesitation, my grandfather would hit play on his stereo and the entire home would be encompassed by the operatic voice of a thundering tenor.  When Pavarotti had finished serenading us through our appetizers, my grandfather would dash to his stereo to cue Sarah Brightman.  By the time our family was sitting down to dessert, Andrea Bocelli was singing an encore.

My grandparents instilled in me a love for food and music.  It’s no wonder I find myself turning on the oven and walking over to the stereo within the same breath.

So, you asked what I’m listening to this evening?  Well, the antique pine table has been set, dinner is in the oven and the voice of Josh Groban on his album, “Illuminations” will greet my guests when they arrive.

By Angela Snow

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  2. Love it!!

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