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Sex and the Super Bowl

In child trafficking, pornland, social cause, sports, trafficking on February 1, 2011 at 1:12 am

The Super Bowl is one of my favorite days of the year.  Months before, I obsess with Fantasy Football drafts, hours of weekends spent watching and waiting for an amazing play (thank you Red Zone), and I will work for days, figuring out the perfect food to make for an army of football fans.

In California, I even taught a class to girls who wanted to understand at least the basics of the sport before the big game.

But the idea that suddenly sporting events give men a pass to forget their moral compass and begin to use other men’s children for their own temporary pleasure pains me

Dallas is expecting a SHORTAGE of strippers this coming week.  Heaven forbid that a man, free from his wife, children, responsibility, accountability, can’t get a sufficient lap dance while visiting the Lone Star State.

The adult establishments in the city are asking for 10,000 MORE strippers to come to Dallas to meet the demand.  While this seems to be a wildly exaggerated number, the question remains – why does such activities follow around sporting events?  We heard similar stories from the Olympics, the World Cup, the Final Four…

What numbers aren’t exaggerated is the amount of underage teen girls who are trafficked into areas where there are major sporting events to be sold in not so, eer, dignified ways.  In last year’s Super Bowl sex ads on Craig’s List went up 80% in the Tampa Area. This year, since Dallas is already a hotbed of trafficking activity, anti-trafficking groups estimate thousands of girls will be brought into the area, which isn’t a shock, when you realize an estimated 25% of all trafficking victims in the US come through the state of Texas.

Fact: Over 14,500 people each year are trafficked into the US.

Fact: It’s estimated that 38% of CraigsList ads in Texas for prostitution are underage girls.

Fact: After a girl is trafficked, she only lives an average of 7 years.

So it’s time folks.  It’s time to stop turning a blind eye to these ads, these injustices.  It’s time to stop assuming that trafficking is something that happens in someone else’s back yard.  It’s time to remember that the girls listed in the backpage and craigslist ads often don’t choose to be there.

And they are always someone’s daughter.

Real men don’t do this.  Lets get that straight.  They don’t buy-or sell-women.   And parents.  Women.  Friends.  Christians.  It’s time to stop pretending like this doesn’t exist.  Get informed.  Get a voice.  Someone you know may have a daughter whose life depends on it.

By @lorilenz

For more info on domestic trafficking:







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