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One of my new favorites things to do is sit down on a weekend night with my daughter and pick movies to stream instantly on Netflix.

For the most part, our criteria changes from week to week.

Some weeks, we simply want to find the worst movie available and watch it. Other times, we get into our Mystery Science Theater 3000 mode and seek out ones we have yet to watch. Then, there was that season where we blew through all of the original Star Trek TV series episodes. (one can never get enough of Kirk in the Arena episode) But I digress… no I don’t…. see for yourself.

Then, there are the movies from my beloved 80’s era that I have been eagerly awaiting to share with my daughter.

So, one of the regular blogs we want to begin here at Liquid Cloud Eleven is… reviewing movies that are only available to stream instantly on Netflix. Please feel free to post a comment about the movies mentioned as well as perhaps movies you have streamed recently.

We would love to hear from you.


Here are my first three…

Parenthood – 1989 (Steve Martin)

I remember when this movie came out. When it was first released, I was a mere 19 years old and decided to see it because I happen to think Steve Martin is pretty funny.

But, throw in 20 additional years and now being a father myself and the movie takes on a whole new meaning. What I once thought was simple humor with multiple character story lines being developed has now become a movie with a lot of depth and meaning to it.

I am sure that is what their intent was when they first made it… it’s just that I needed another 20 years under my belt to finally get it… all of it.

Director Ron Howard teams with Steve Martin for a heartwarming comedy about life’s most rewarding occupation: parenthood. Gil (Martin) and Karen Buckman (Mary Steenburgen) are facing the age-old dilemma of trying to raise their children the “right” way. But as Gil and the rest of his clan (including Rick Moranis, Tom Hulce, Jason Robards and Dianne Wiest) soon discover, being the “perfect” parent often means just letting children be themselves. (from Netflix)

Young Einstein – 1988 (Yahoo Serious)

I have to be honest, I am not sure how I got suckered into watching this a second time. Now, I suppose I can reason with myself that I saw it the first time at the theaters because it was from the land down under and quite frankly, I love music from down under. Matter of fact, it was around the same time this movie was first released that I first saw the Australian band, Midnight Oil in concert. (an amazing show I might add.)

But, 20 years later… somehow I forgot something over time… like, why on Earth I would watch this.

Transplanted to the Australian island of Tasmania, the budding scientist discovers the Law of Relativity while brewing up a batch of homemade hooch. Einstein then accidentally invents the electric guitar, which leads, of course, to his discovery of rock ‘n’ roll. (from Netflix)

And with that said, may I ask this one question? Why?

Mystery Science Theater 3000 : Laserblast – 1996

I must confess, this is one of my favorites and worthy of a 2nd viewing. (That is if you are into MST3K)

While sulking in the California desert, misfit teenager Billy Duncan (Kim Milford) stumbles on a powerful alien laser weapon, which he uses to wreak havoc on all who have wronged him. The venerable critic Leonard Maltin gave this space oddity a two-and-a-half star review, a fact that gets quite a drubbing by the crew at MST3K in this fan-favorite episode. Watch for Roddy McDowall in a brief cameo as Dr. Mellon. (from Netflix)

Need I say more?
*Please note, movies are subject to change and be removed from instant stream.

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