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Haiti : Story of Survival

In disaster response, Haiti, Haiti Earthquake on January 24, 2011 at 11:52 pm

I remember being at the beach watching the news unfold of this devastating earthquake that had hit Haiti.

I remember exactly where I was when we grabbed our cell phone to text a $10 donation to help the Red Cross relief efforts.

I cannot imagine the sheer devastation.

I cannot imagine what being on the ground must have been like. A new TRAGIC discovery around every corner, or what was once a corner.

For some, it is just too overwhelming to grasp.

As news of this devastating earthquake broke, organizations like the Humanitarian International Services Group were already at work. The HISG mission is simply to connect resources to human needs.

Here is the story of one of those tragic discoveries and how HISG worked to connect resources… to a dire situation.

Here, Executive Director for Humanitarian International Services Group, Michael McCausland (@McCauslandM) posts an update on their network for first responders…

January 2010…

Below is the most updated information from Don Wilson on the ground in Carrefour where a 20,000 person IDP camp has recently sprung up just outside the gates of one of the locations where the IDRN is setting up operations.

IDP Camp:

Affected population: Don Wilson has confirmed that there is a tent city of approximately 15,500 to 20,000 IDPs just outside the Compound

Food: Shortage… huge need…beans and rice can be bought (Men are selling young girls to buy food)

Water: Shortage…can be bought on the street (if you can afford it… which the IDPs cannot).


Medical: Very huge need…. primarily wound-type injuries (lacerations and puncture wounds)… still orthopedic injuries (crush injuries)

Shelter: Primarily tents and tarps. Mosquito nets maybe necessary in the near future to prevent spread of malaria.

Sanitation: People defecating and urinating wherever space can be found. This will become a primary disease vector very shortly and Cholera could become an issue if the situation is not controlled. We have begun dialog with a water partner to address this issue in the future.

Here is the rest of the story…

Connecting resources with needs… it’s what they do.

Since 2001, HISG has mobilized and moved tens of millions of dollars in humanitarian aid at less than 10% administrative costs.

HISG has also helped form the International Disaster Response Network, and has trained thousands of individuals around the world to respond to disasters just like the earthquake in Haiti.


HISG on Facebook

By Gunnar Simonsen

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